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How do you celebrate a business anniversary? With an anniversary logo of course!

For me it's always a good thing to acknowledge and celebrate the milestones of your business. You will hopefully throw the occasional celebratory party along the way but one way that you can raise awareness of your business anniversary is to update your logo. Having some sort of appendage to your logo will help others recognise your experience and place in your industry.


Updating a logo design

You probably won't want to radically change the appearance of the logo, unless you are due for  a major refresh in any case. I have seen some organisations change their logos to silver and gold colouring in order to celebrate 25 and 50 years respectively. 

Lucasfilm logo







It's perhaps more usual to stick with your existing logo and add a new badge or strapline. Here is a piece we did for Collyers to celebrate their 80 years in business.

Amodeo logo design


Some Anniversary Logo Design tips

Some tips that I would pass on would be these:

  • It does depend but do be cautious about introducing a new colour. If you do decide to do this make sure that it perfectly compliments your existing palette. If you don't then you will be off brand quicker than you can say "Jack Robinson".

  • It can be quite difficult to digitally represent metallic colours such as silver and gold. Using a good graphic designer will help you arrive at the best result.

  • Be creative. If you search for anniversary logos there are plenty of laurel leaves out there! Try to avoid something that has been overdone and dare to be different!


Let's look at some examples

NASA were quite creative with their 40th anniversary logo... If your logo fits the shape of a digit then that's an idea you might explore.

A couple of logos from the BBC. The World Service logo on the left eschews the actual BBC logo. On the right the 100 years logo creatively uses coloured boxes to spell out "100".

BBC anniversary logos


Staying with broadcasting for a moment, if you have a rich history of logos then displaying some of your earlier brands and styling adds interest and a sense of history...

Logo design evolution


Here are a couple of tasteful logos celebrating anniversaries for Penguin Books. The 75th logo is interesting though, for me, perhaps a little busy. I love the 80th logo, it has at the same time a freshness and a retro feel that evoke the company's history in a clear and uncomplicated way.

logo design starts here 


So when it comes to celebrating a business anniversary do consider tweaking your logo or adding an eye-catching badge! We'd love to help you.






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